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TRADEMARK Registration

Class Search

When registering a trademark, the Trademark Office requires the applicant to define the classification of their goods and services. The majority of countries in the world have adopted the International Classification of Nice which groups all products and services into 45 classes: 34 for products and 11 for services. Upon applying for your trademark, you must define in which classes you seek registration. For example, you can register "RackTacket Remote Rockets" in the classes for toys, rockets and rocket launchers. Note that the names similar to "RackTacket Remote Rockets" may still be available in the category for pharmaceuticals or leather goods as you have not claimed those specific classes for your trademark. For legal assistance in determine the correct class, we offer a Comprehensive Study which will define your class and search the availability of your trademark in the Trademark Office. To order a Comprehensive study click here and go to the country in which you would like to register your trademark. To determine the appropriate class for your product on your own, type in the product or services you wish to protect below (ex: "rocket"):